Amberen Reviews: Popular, But Buyers Beware!

UPDATE: 6/19/13

First of all… Thanks so much for all the Facebook “likes” and the comments you all are sharing with the community here! It’s truly a great feeling that I’m helping others!

Anyway… I just recently discovered a new menopause product promising menopause relief called Kühl Care®. You can checkout their product at their official website here.

I have to say that I was quite intrigued with this, seems to be, “refreshing drink mix” you simply add to water.

I would love for anyone who is going to try Kühl Care® or have currently been using it… PLEASE come back and let us know how it’s working out for your symptoms! I’m curious!

TIA, Elizabeth

My personal review of Amberen


Amberen has some skeletons in the closet that you need to be aware of before committing to this natural  menopause supplement because of the side effects and safety issues which we cover in depth (Links are in the “Did you Know” box below). I would like to share a personal story about me and my struggles with menopause and how Amberen impacted my life.

I heard about natural remedies for menopausal symptoms and the positive talk about Amberen, so I began my quest for knowledge and experience on and with the product. What I found and lived inspired me to write this review of Amberen. Make sure you read about the side effects and safety issues related to this supplement before starting.

Menopause, Amberen And Others

The alternative that my doctor pushed upon me was the Hormonal Replacement Therapy, or HRT. One aspect that discouraged me from HRT was that the drugs used are synthetic. Not only that, but they fail to be effective for many women. Finally, I looked at the health dangers involved with HRT. For me, this is what ultimately sealed the deal. HRT comes with serious complications, such as ovarian cancer, heart attacks, breast cancer and strokes, and since it only reduces the risks of menopause symptoms, I felt that there had to be a safer, more effective and natural alternative. So I researched my options by reading over a plethora of menopause articles and found some answers.

Upon First Glance

  • Amberen’s free trial offer
  • FDA approved
  • All-natural
  • 5-year clinical trials
  • Tested using randomized, placebo controlled, double blind trials

Clinical Trials Information

During my quest for facts, I learned that this product was tested on 32 menopausal women during a 5-year trial. It alleviated the symptoms and there were few side effects. During my extensive research, I also found that the product was tested using randomized, placebo controlled, double blind and cross over clinical trials. I was amazed and convinced that it was right for me after reading all the extensive information available.

I Began The Regime

I ordered my free trial with great hopes. I reviewed the additional information provided and then began using it immediately. You have to determine your dosage based on whether your menopausal symptoms are severe or moderate. Mine were severe, so I took the twice per day dosage, as opposed to the once per day dosage for moderate symptoms. You have to take the pills after breakfast and you must continue the course if you want it to work. I followed the instructions to the “T”. I was desperate to restore my mind and my body back to at least a somewhat normal state again.

My Results

Deep in my heart, I wanted immediate results, even though the instructions said that it takes 90 days. I took my two pills directly after breakfast, as directed, but I did not see results for a while and started to get a little worried. I had even called their free nurse-assisted customer care line twice for support. I was amazed to find out this was available to me even under my “free trial” period, so I took full advantage of it. The nurses that I talked to were very helpful in answering my questions and gave me the reassurance that I needed to continue onward with Amberen.

As I approached the end of the first two weeks of my trial, I finally started seeing results. I experienced 4 consecutive days without hot flashes, irritability or mood swings. These were issues that I had been enduring on a daily basis, which meant that my family was enduring them as well, so their disappearance made a huge difference. Yet, I think the biggest benefit was that I actually felt alive again. I had been so miserably tired for so long and when I realized I had the energy to run around with my kids again, I couldn’t hold back the tears. I promise you, those tears were not part of a mood swing, but pure gratitude, because this is exactly what I wanted to achieve for me and my family.

I proceeded to purchase the 90-day supply after my success with the 30-day free trial. Now, I still did experience a few mood swings and hot flashes, but there were not nearly as many of these episodes as before I started.

In addition, the product requires a 90-day break before continuing the course. I was a little concerned that those horrible symptoms would return before I started the next course, but nearly three months into the break, I still felt great. I still had the energy to do my day-to-day things, like keeping up with the kids and maintaining my household, and I felt amazing. Before I found this wonder of nature, I never would have thought that I would feel like my old self ever again. Thanks to Amberen, I have my life back.

My Final Thoughts

I recommend Amberen to anyone suffering from menopauseI am convinced that Amberen is the real thing (for me anyway). It made a significant difference in my menopausal symptoms. I will continue the treatment, and I suggest this product to anyone experiencing menopause problems. The ingredients does do what it says it will.

If it wasn’t for the Risk-Free Trial they offer, I may have never tried it. Thanks Amberen!

Thanks so much to all of you who left your personal comments below who have tried it or are thinking of trying. It makes me feel wonderful knowing that my experience with this product has also helped others. The community would love to hear your story. We all can learn from one another!

I have rounded up 10 other menopause supplements (below) I found interesting due to their high praise in reviews from women (some being my friends) who have tried them. If you are one of those individuals who have tried Amberen with no success, I recommend researching these well-known products in the chart below.

Product Features
Vitamin D for strong bones and immune system
Vitamins E and B-6, folic acid for healthy heart
Shown to reduce hot flashes, night sweats
A good source of calcium for healthy bones
Higher potency of vitamins for women’s health
Learn More
Product Features
Natural balance ladies choice
Supports women’s health
Maintains healthy estrogen
Reduces hot flashes
Reduces night sweats
Learn More
Product Features
Bone and heart help
Red Clover Isoflavones with Calcium, Vitamin D
Clinically tested & doctor recommended
Relieves night sweats & hot flashes
Free of yeast, wheat, milk, egg
Learn More
Product Features
24-hour relief
Relieves hot flashes
Relieves night sweats
Restores energy
Helps with irritability and mood swings
Learn More
Product Features
Proven standardized black cohosh extract
Single ingredient formula
Relieves hot flashes, mood swings
Manufactured under drug standards
Safe for women with a history of breast cancer
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Product Features
Ingredients to balance hormone levels naturally
Proprietary blend of 12 ingredients
Guaranteed to give results or your money back
Mexican Wild yams
Supports hormone regulation naturally
Learn More
Product Features
All Natural
Drug Free Formula
Phytoestrogen Support
Relieves hot flashes
Relieves irritablity
Learn More
Product Features
Contains no Hormones
No Estrogen
Supports pre- and post-hormonal balance
Promotes bone growth
Modulates 5-lipoxygenase
Learn More
Product Features
Leading natural menopause formula
Clinically substantiated potencies
Soy and standardized black cohosh extract
Traditional women’s herbs
Natural HRT alternative
Learn More
Product Features
Nature’s Way to Treat Menopausal Symptoms
Relieves Hot Flashes
Relieves Night Sweats
Zero Calories
Soy supplement
Learn More

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  1. I too experience the symptoms of menopause however not so severe that it controls my life. Mine seem to come in waves like for weeks I’ll have the night sweats which I treat using Amberen (that works wonders, btw) and that interrupts my sleep which then makes me so tired the next day after I get home from work I can’t hardly enjoy my evening. Then a few weeks will go by and these symptoms are nearly gone. I guess I’m lucky for that so I like the idea of taking an all natural treatment it seems safer than the prescribed medications for which I have to go through the medical community to obtain. I’m much more comfortable being able to treat my symptoms by purchasing this product on line and giving it a whirl. Next time I’m using the coupon code you mentioned and ordering. Thanks for the great find!

  2. The only symptoms I had were sweating in the middle of the night. I’m in the middle of my “off” stage of taking Amberen right now and so far no sweating at all. I love the stuff!

  3. I can’t thank you enough for writing this post and the coupon code you mentioned! Been on Amberen for about 2 weeks now and am seeing results! I’m a little nervous when it’s time to come off my dosage but as of right now I’m very impressed.

  4. I did a lot of reading on this product before I tried it. I am a premenopause female adult between the age of 45-50 who is normally healthy other than unfortunately started menopause at a younger age then most, I decided to give it a try.

    I wish I hadn’t, this is an expensive product. I used it for three months as instructed and it did absolutely nothing for me, not one change. I was not about to buy another expensive 3 mos. supply when I found a simple inexpensive supplemental premenopause/memopause mild proestrogen cream works so much better than so many products I’ve tried, including this one.

  5. Sheilamom says:

    I’m embarrassed to ask this but does Amberen work for men? Particularly on night sweats? Seems like a great product.

  6. anonymous says:

    I love this product! Will there be anything else in the line coming out soon?

  7. I would highly suggest Natural Relief then Sgamsby. I personally have friends who swear by the product! And I’m also seeing comments here also with happy customers. They also offer a 90 day free trial.

  8. I just purchased. Let’s see what happens. I can relate to your story so much. PLEASE let this work for me! LOL!

  9. I just wanted to return and give my 2 cents. I have been on Amberen for about a month now. Ladies, this really does work, at least for me it is. Mood swings was the problem with me. Where I see the change in me most is when I wake up in the morning. I can’t describe it but before in the morning I just always had this weird, uneasy feeling. It is gone now and I love it. I just recommended Amberen to my 2 best friends which reminded me to come back here and post a comment. I guess I’m kinda lucky I don’t get those nasty menopause symptoms like my 2 friends do, but all the same. What I did have is gone now.

  10. The fact that this product gave me a free trial and if I didn’t see results after the first bottle I could return it. I thought what do I have to lose but the S&H fee. Well it was enough for me to give it a try and I have never been more pleased with the results so far.

  11. I’ll give it a whirl. I hope it helps with my symptoms. I’m at wits end!

  12. I’ve been experiencing menopause symptoms for about a year now and it’s really getting worse. I don’t know what the norm is or if I’m experiencing severe symptoms but I was a nervous wreck til I heard commercials on the radio driving to and from work. I decided to try Amberen and I have everything good to say about it. It relieved my severe symptoms and I’m able to get a good night rest which can make all the difference during your waking hours. Mark me down as a very happy consumer of Amberen.

  13. Leevell Peoples says:

    I ordered Amberen about 2 weeks ago. I’ve been going through menopause 3 years. I took the pills and they worked fine for three days but that’s it. I increased my dosage to twice a day and still no relief. The night sweats returned and the hot flashes continue throughout the day. I must be full-blown or something but I’m one person they are not working for. I will be returning my excess boxes untouched.

  14. Anita Titelman says:

    LOVE AMBEREN! I am almost at the end of 60 days & just ordered another month’s supply. Words can not begin to say how much better I feel! Before Amberen, my main symptoms were; brain fog, mild depression, & waking up after only 2 hours of sleep, then tossing & turning the rest of the night. I was always SO tired! I started to feel better after the 2nd week of taking it. No more fog, no depression & I’m sleeping through the night! I honestly feel as good (if not better) than I did in my 20′s & 30′s!

  15. Don’t waste your money!!! Amberen does nothing and if the unopened boxes aren’t returned within 30 days you won’t get a full refund. Not false advertising, just tricky. Read the fine print – and don’t buy it.

  16. Thanks very much on sharing your experience with Amberen and telling us about the lifetime coupon code (great find). I was very reluctant to try it but after reading your story I feel much better in giving it a shot. This will be the first time ever buying something for my health online but your giving me hope! Thanks so much!

  17. I have never tried Natural Relief ladies and have no reason to. I too am very happy with the results from Amberen. Just my two cents!

  18. I was having hot flashes so bad..up to 16 times a day..knowing I couldnt take hormones due to breast cancer in the family..I started using amberen..noticed it helping in the first month..Im on the break ready to order my second round…I stopped having periods at the time..but since taking I restarted having menses..but I know that just doing what it says it will do…I have the sold the idea to take to several friends…also..Im nurse..and this stuff works…

  19. Thanks so much for your input. I just ordered and hoping for results as you had.

  20. this post is very usefull thx!

  21. In response to Leveells comment, Hi Leevell,
    Amberen is designed to retune your body to balance the levels of your own natural hormones and this process can take up to 90 days to occur. We must remember menopause is a complicated process, this process is delicate and takes time. Response varies from person to person. Many factors influence this such as: How long have you been menopausal? Were you taking HRT’s ? Bio-identicals? Do you have any thyroid issues? May I suggest you call their offices and speak with a licensed nurse, to help in determining what may have caused the delayed response in your case? I found their nursing department to be quite helpful. I think they may be able to assist you in finding a regimen that will give you relief from your menopausal symptoms.

  22. I only want to say one thing that it does nothing for vaginal dryness. Other than I still expierence some hot flashes and some night sweats I am happy to have found amberen,

  23. amazing stuff thanx

  24. I have had problems 2 months after taking these pills. Extreme itchiness. Once I stopped the problem went away. Emailed the company, they simply didn’t care. They wrote me back with some pre-written script. I am upset. This is something that was going in my body, and they were unconcerned that I had problems. Very upset with how this was handled. It’s all about MONEY!

  25. I’m sorry you were not helped by Amberen. It just doesn’t work for every women out their I guess. Did you try Natural Relief? I would try their product. They offer a trial basis too. I never used it but I have heard many good things about it from my friends. Good luck!!