Covert Ways To Tell If Your Man’s Cheating

unfaithful menIs your man cheating on you? Some are quite sneaky about it. They hide it well and some are quite ignorant about it. The ignorant cheaters leave signs all over.

The Cell Phone

Does he lock his cell phone? If he is locking the phone, without a doubt he has something to hide. The ignorant ones will lock it. Even leaving the cell phone unlocked does not mean he is not cheating. The smarter ones will learn how to erase text messages and calls if they want to leave the phone unlocked to play innocent.

The Bank Account

Does he grab the bank statement when it comes? Does he insist on handling all the bills himself? Both are actions, which require some serious thoughts on your part. If you are in a committed relationship, you should have an idea where the money is going. This is especially true if you are helping to make money, which goes towards the household. If you think, he is hiding something he most likely is. Do you really want to work overtime so he can purchase some other chick some sexy lingerie?

His Mood

Is he suddenly happier? Is he eager to get out the door to go do something by himself? If your intuition tells you that something is up, listen to it. If you have lived with him for a while then you know how his mood changes after he is laid, and he is in that mood although the two of you have not slept together in a while, he is cheating.

His smell

Is he buying new clothes or trying new cologne? Those are sure signs but also be on the lookout for other things. Does he suddenly smell like coconut shampoo? If you do not have that type in the house you share with him, he is showering elsewhere. Honey he is cheating.

Even if he does not smell freshly showered, there may be the smell of another female on him.  It might even be some other telltale sign such as a candle within her home or worse yet the smell of lube for sex toys.

Some men cheat. That is an unpleasant fact. Listen to your intuition and examine him a bit closer if you feel he is cheating. Chances are your institution is correct. Most likely you have done nothing wrong to cause him to cheat, some cheater just enjoy the thrill of the chase.
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  1. Tiffany Winner says:

    go with your gut, it’s almost always right

  2. Christina Ferguson says:

    I have been very lucky or very naive but I’m pretty sure I haven’t been cheated on.

  3. I once read a book that included 50 different ways/stories from cheaters, so I think I’ve heard it all.

  4. Sean Cuthill says:

    I’m a guy and in the one serious relationship I’ve been in, I never cheated. If I’m lucky enough to get into another relationship, I’ll never stray because I’ll know I will have lucky to find someone in this world who wants to be with me.

  5. I have never had this to happen to me but a couple of my friends have. If the man starts to change his habits about his clothing. One of my friends husband actually washed his own clothes because they had the other lady’s perfume and lipstick marks on them. Also the phone calls from “work” that come at odd hours and more frequently.

  6. Well if he’s acting distant and then buys you expensive gifts frequently, he may be feeling guilty for something.

  7. This is my second marriage and so far my husband doesn’t cheat so his friends call him henpecked because he stays up under me all the time and wont’ hang out with them they are single guys.They like to got to strip clubs and do all the crazy stuff like single people do.

  8. Thank goodness I never found my boyfriend or husband cheating — it wouldn’t be good!!!!!!!!!

  9. My tip is to ask his friends if you are friends with them – they’ll tell you if anything is fishy.

  10. Abigail Burns says:

    I’ve never had this happen to me but one way you could tell is if he won’t tell you where he’s going.

  11. I have, thankfully, never had that happen to me. But I have heard rumors about some old boyfriend having done it. Regardless, it’s in the past, and I’m ok not knowing.

  12. I have no idea. I’ve been married to a man for 26 years who is commited to God and to me.

  13. My ex husband started staying at work longer, would avoid me… we became roommates.

  14. found a love letter in his wallet

  15. shelly kristianson says:

    Heard it through a friend

  16. Jack Palmer says:

    If you catch him french kissing the neighbor;s wife…… He’s cheating!

  17. Deb Anderson says:

    When someone hangs up when I answer the phone, that’s a good sign.

  18. Cindi Decker says:

    My current husband has never cheated on me, but my former one did. If they are away f rom home alot with poor excuses that is clue and also getting all dressed up before they leave.

  19. I’ve never had this happen to me, but it has happened to friends of mine…I’d say maybe if he’s being secretive about his facebook. That could be a sign he’s messaging someone he doesn’t want you to see. Mood, definitely. If he’s less interested in what you do and/or is gone more often…that could be a sign of something going on.

  20. I have never been cheated on but I can only imagine how much it would hurt.

  21. Years ago, a girl shopping in my brother’s store saw a photo of my fiance and me. She told him that was her boyfriend in the photo! Engagement over!

  22. Only had bf’s, no husbands. I think most of them cheated and I didn’t learn generally until after the dirty deed.

  23. My ex tried to be sneaky but when I found a girls phone number in my car and then found it hidden under a guys name in his phone. Followed by finding blond stringy hairs in my car (I’m a brunette) it became obvious. PS…if they tell you you’re crazy then they are hiding something!!

  24. Danielle Ring says:

    Showed up unannounced and caught him off guard…..always go with your gut and than do that….works!

  25. Lauren Domene says:

    It’s wrong, and you shouldn’t snoop, but when you have the slightest suspicion…. it’s usually right! They can be so dumb to leave messages in their social media accounts or email.