Your Eyes Too Needs Healthy Eating

A decade or two ago, while still young, you probably must have heard that eating veggies and fruits was solely for cancer and heart attack prevention, and often you must have heard that your vision will get worse gradually with age. Well, its high time now to rewrite these believes and add healthy eyes to the list of reasons for eating healthy.

Medical experts have proven that eyes are good indicators for the general health of the body. Eating fruits and vegetables especially carrots, Hubbard squash and broccoli is the starting point to a good health of your eye. These dark-colored veggies and fruits are undoubtedly the major source of beta-carotene, vitamins like vitamin C and E, and minerals like zinc. Vitamin C helps to protect the eye against the damage that is caused by ultraviolet light while vitamin E prevents the eyes from cataracts, a defect that comes with age.

Therefore, you have one more reason of eating healthy. Good eyesight even at old age is something that everyone is fighting for. Don’t be left out, eat healthy and the eyes are yours for good.