Amberen, Menopause And Our readers: Giveaway

The Gazette Is Giving Back With Amberen

Our most popular article published here on the Gazette has been by our contributor Elizabeth Perkins. Several years back she had tried the menopause supplement Amberen and decided to write her experiences with this product. Still to this day we receive emails and comments from readers like you who said that Amberen had really helped them tackle their menopause symptoms such as

  • night sweats
  • mood swings
  • irritability
  • weight gain

Amberen Giveaway

We’ve decided to give back to our Facebook followers and ALL our readers…. and are giving away a 1 months supply of Amberen. All women deal with menopause and it’s many symptoms. From reading over all your comments on the Gazette, menopause effects women in many different ways. Whether its hot flashes, mood swings or gaining weight, Amberen seems to conquer all these symptoms. Enter below for your chance to try this menopause supplement today… Good luck!!

Women’s Heart Pendant – Valentine’s Is Just Around The Corner!

The General Gazette For Women is doing it again!

We’re giving away a beautiful heart pendant courtesy of Rebel 316!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and the economy is recovering very slowly right now. You probably want to get your sweetheart something nice as a Valentine’s Day gift, but may not have the funds to do it. Well, you could be in luck! The General Gazette is giving you the chance to win a stunning silver heart pendant from Rebel 316 complete with three very bling-worthy cubic zirconias. This pendant is sure to take her breath away and help you to make her Valentine’s Day a very, very special one. Just add a few flowers and a nice dinner and this will be a day that she will never forget.

Heart pendant giveaway!!

Women’s heart pendant with three small Cubic Zirconia stones.

Women's heart pendant giveaway!

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Rebel 316

Christmas gift ideas for the Holiday Season

Rebel 316

Click image to visit Rebel 316 today and see their entire line!

Side step the thought of spending thousands on diamonds and gold this year and take a look at a hot new trend in jewelry: Alternative Metal. The most common alternative is Stainless Steel Jewelry is hypoallergenic, shines like white gold and sterling silver, and costs just a fraction of the price! So this Christmas, lets take a look at a few gift ideas to jump start some excitement into your wonderful holiday season.

Enter to win this Stainless Steel Necklace with Winged Heart decoration. Over $100 value!

Rebel 316

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A Cascade of Pleasure – The Conair Waterfall Footbath!

“When you’ve had a long day, and you’re feeling beat…

Treat yourself the right way, and pamper your feet!”

Conair Waterfall Footbath

Conair Waterfall Footbath

Whether you’re sitting, standing or steamrolling all day; it’s your poor feet that take the punch. Doctors even say the first symptom of exhaustion is leg pain. Imagine how marvelous it would be if we could get a magical massage every single night!

Well, since friendly foot fairies are only part of fairy-tales, you’ll have to find another way… and this is what I settled for- a Conair Waterfall Footbath! The luxuriously warm relaxation it gives my weary feet, is a sensation like no other! Cozily shaped to encase each foot, this bath has both bubbles and a constant waterfall massaging your feet from both sides.  I have found it best to add hot water initially as the cool bubbles gradually bring the temperature down to a perfect environment.

With 3 little toddlers to run behind the whole day, who has time to visit a spa! All I want to do on a break is lie back and relax. After a single use of the Conair Footbath, I decided this was one of the most interesting and invigorating ways to pamper my aching feet. Besides just a warm shower, this appliance does so much more! It comes with 3 fancy attachments- a scrub brush (to remove the grime), a pumice stone (to scrape off dead skin) and soft-touch massager to rejuvenate the underside of your foot, leaving you feeling completely refreshed and vibrant!

One of the chief treatments in naturopathy is curing ailments through a focused foot massage. Now you can practically heal yourself while enjoying the phenomenal feel of a ‘Waterfall Footbath’. It even has toe controls, so once I’m all comfortable I don’t have to get up again for the next hour! So join the race ladies… and don’t worry, once you get back, plug it in and give your precious feet a perfect foot-spa!

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Get the Perfect Curl with the Remington Pearl!

“I’m undaunted in my quest to amuse myself by constantly changing my hair.” ~Hillary Clinton

Remington CI9538

Remington T-Studio Styling Wand

Even if you have the most beautiful hair in the world, no woman will ever be satisfied just letting it be. With an instant upgrade from damsel to diva, changing one’s tresses (long or short) is the easiest way to get a quick makeover! From straightening, to highlights, to precious little perms, you can go a million ways with hair to get the perfect look that Wow’s!

But what do you do when, like me, your hair is already straight as a stick and unfortunately quite thin! I’ve always wanted wild, carefree curls like Julia Roberts, but what I end up, with the traditional curling iron, is processed looking and dry! Then I came across the Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Styling Wand. I must say I was initially quite skeptical if something shiny pink could actually be serious! But this styling wand has done wonders, from giving me the ‘fresh-out-of-bed’ Jennifer Aniston look to the lovely ‘Mila Kunis’ wavy wonder!

Unlike the long clamps of heat stylers, the conical shape of this wand gives the curl a naturally tapering texture and holds it better. It’s smooth and sleek shape also doesn’t get in our way while we’re messing with our mane! The special ceramic surface evenly distributes heat, and you can lock it at whatever temperature you need while you take your time styling to perfection. It also has a digital display to help you figure out the best setting for your hair!

Did you know this wand has a real crushed-pearl coating to give precise and professional results? Makes you feel quite royal right! I have found it extremely easy to master (considering the klutz I am); depending on which side I use and how long I keep it pressed I can create big and shiny curls, a beach wave and so much more. If you want to look stunning and sensational for the coming holiday festivities, the Remington Pearl wand is the way to go!!

hair iron

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The ‘Joby Gorillapod’- Photography’s greatest accessory!

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever…”

Joby Gorillapod sweepstakes

Photography’s greatest accessory!

Knowing my passion (borderline obsession) for photography, a close friend of mine had promised me ‘the best camera accessory ever’ for my birthday. When the day finally arrived and she handed me a gift-wrapped tripod stand, I was a tad disappointed. I mean, I love taking photos of my family, friends and fantastic creations around me, but how often was I going to use a tall, complicated tripod stand to take portrait pictures!

I unwrapped my present and staring up at me was a cute and compact black and white tripod, kind of like a 3-legged zebra-spider! It had bendable legs, made up of a bunch of ‘ball-and-socket’ joints, for a perfect mount on any surface- be it an incline, staircase banister or even an uneven terrain like rocky sand! The Joby Gorillapod is strong, flexible and can stabilize quite heavy SLRs with zoom lenses too! It can attach to any sort of photo equipment ranging from minicams and camcorders to complicated professional cameras like my husband’s! Oh and it even works with existing tripod heads to give an added advantage.

This sturdy little tripod is lightweight, very easy to transport and quick to set-up in any scenario. Enabling me to take shots from tree branches and window grills, it has added a whole new angle to my photography skills. With its moldable shape, it’s quite easy to pack and fits into any little space left. Easy to attach with a push-button, it even has a rotating lock to make sure your camera doesn’t slide off in creative positions!!

If I was crazy about taking pictures before, I’m just wild about it now! And the best part is, with my amazing Gorillapod I get to be in all my pictures too! Hey ladies, with Christmas around the corner, this is the perfect prize for a precious family holiday!!

For more information on this wonder photographers little helper visit for more details.

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Ladies Choice

Product Features
Natural balance ladies choice
Supports women’s health
Maintains healthy estrogen
Reduces hot flashes
Reduces night sweats

Many women who are in the middle of menopause symptoms yearn for relief, but are fearful that the only relief they can find is in the form of synthetic hormones. Thankfully, there are a multitude of all-natural products on the market that can reduce or even eliminate menopause symptoms.

My friend, Gayle, has been using  Ladies Choice for the past three years and raves about the results she has seen. In addition to less intense hot flashes, her mood swings have leveled out. She feels calm, cool and in control of her body again.

If you want to learn more about Ladies choice or read other users’ comments, visit

Promensil Post-Menopause

Product Features
Bone and heart help
Red Clover Isoflavones with Calcium, Vitamin D
Clinically tested & doctor recommended
Relieves night sweats & hot flashes
Free of yeast, wheat, milk, egg

Life does not end after menopause. In fact, the years following menopause can be full of opportunity and vitality if you take action now to preserve your post-menopausal health. Promensil Post-Menopause supplemental tablets are one way to ensure your post-menopausal years are eventful and healthy.

Why am I telling you about Promensil? That is easy. Promensil is an unique combination of Red Clover Isoflavones with added Calcium and Vitamin D. These natural supplements help keep your bones strong to ward off osteoporosis. In addition, Red Clover has been known to reduce night sweats which makes this a great product for women in the middle of transitioning from pre to post menopause.

To learn more about how Promensil above.

Enzymatic Therapy Woman’s Choice AM/PM Menopause

Product Features
24-hour relief
Relieves hot flashes
Relieves night sweats
Restores energy
Helps with irritability and mood swings

I cannot speak for every menopausal woman because we all experience menopause differently. However, for me, my mood swings were, at times, unbearable. Amberen worked for me, helping me find stability, but not all supplements work for all women.

A former co-worker of mine felt her irritability was causing  cracks in her relationships. She had a difficult time managing her moods throughout the day. She tried Enzymatic Therapy Woman’s Choice AM/PM Menopause and had stellar results. The AM/PM formula helped her manage her moods during the day, while reducing her hot flashes at night.  She says her relationships have been revived and her electric bill has dramatically been reduced.

Want to know more about this product and if it could help you? Visit

Enzymatic Therapy Remifemin

Product Features
Proven standardized black cohosh extract
Single ingredient formula
Relieves hot flashes, mood swings
Manufactured under drug standards
Safe for women with a history of breast cancer

Are you looking for an estrogen-free, single ingredient menopause relief supplement? Remifemin may be your answer. Several readers have emailed me to let me in on their little secret. They tried Amberen, but found that the simplicity of the Remifemin formula might appeal to more women.

After doing my own research, I discovered the Remifemin is manufactured under drug standards and, as an estrogen-free product, can safely be used by women who have had a history of breast cancer.  For women who have been touched by breast cancer or have a history of familial breast cancer, this product may be worth investigating further.

More info above on other users’ thoughts and comments regarding Remifemin.