Quick Kitchen Organizing Tips

kitchen tips for organizingYour kitchen is where you make delicious dinners, chat over wine with friends and have coffee in the morning. If this room is not well-organized, it is going to throw off your entire day by adding time to basic activities like your morning coffee or tossing together a quick dinner. The good news is that there are some quick organizing tips that can turn your kitchen into the super efficient room that you need it to be.

Lazy Susan

These are a staple on all country breakfast tables because they allow all condiments to be easily accessible. Well, you can take this same thought and apply it to your spices. This can be put into a cabinet, pantry or even placed on a counter. Simply put your spices on this so that they are easily accessible with a few spins.

Hang it Up

It is easy to put a few hooks on the wall in the kitchen for things like aprons and pot holders. Be careful that these are at least a few feet away from your oven/stove so that there is no risk of them catching fire. If you have plenty of open wall space away from your oven/stove, then consider putting up a few small shelves. These can hold everything from cookie jars to cook books.

Arrange by Use Frequency

If there is something that you rarely use then there is no need to have this right up front. You should place items that you use nearly daily like your sauce pans and dinner plates right up front so that you can quickly grab them. Things like your blender that you do not use daily can be placed more to the back of your cabinets and pantry.

Group Items by Purpose

Your bake ware, for example, should be placed together so that when you need to bake something everything you need is all in one place. This will save time when you need to get some baking in. The same goes for things like cookware, dinner plates and bowls and the different glasses that you use. Another thing to keep together are your tea items, coffee items and other things that you frequently use together.

Cooking Tools

These are things that you want to be able to grab quickly when you are cooking. You can use a vase or a pitcher to store things like your tongs, spatulas, whips and other necessary cooking items. Since they are all together, you just grab the container that they are in, place it near your cooking area and get the job done. There will be no more searching through drawers to find your favorite scrambled egg spatula in the morning.

Use Shelf Organizers

These are probably one of the best kitchen inventions ever. You can place items on them and then push them back into the cabinet or shelf. These allow you to easily see everything that you have on a specific shelf so that things in the back do not get lost or forgotten about. These are pretty much a necessity for small kitchens that have little storage space.