Current Events in Menopause

There are lots of controversies surrounding premenopausal and postmenopausal health in an expanding ageing female population. Recent debate was on whether women should take vitamin D and calcium supplements for their bone health. But latest analysis throws weight on supplement side (women at least taking supplements after menopause ). These results suggest that women taking postmenopausal hormone therapy also take vitamin D and calcium supplements. it is noted that the benefits of using postmenopausal hormone therapy increases with increasing total intake of vitamin D and calcium.

More than half of middle-aged women who still have regular cycles have hot flashes. Does this differ between the Asian and white women?. A study conducted showed that Hispanic and Asian women are less likely to have hot flashes than the white women. This study consisted of diverse group of women aged between 45 and 56 years, who had regular cycles , no skipped periods and were not taking hormones. The study helps in easing the worry in women who are surprised by night sweats and hot flashes while they still have regular cycles. It does not necessary mean they are in menopause yet, and it is perfectly normal to have hot flashes.