The Benefits of Sodastream: Our Review

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There are some gadgets that you come across that just seem cool and worth a try. Sodastream is one that people were out buying in droves. You use your own tap water, carbonate it with the machine and then add one of more than 100 different flavor syrups to create whichever soda is your favorite. It is a neat concept and there are some benefits to making your own soda at home.

Cost Savings

On average, a 12-pack of name-brand soda is going for $4.00 to $5.00 per pack. Making soda at home will be about $0.25 for every 12 ounces of soda. 12 ounces equals about one can. So, a 12-pack would be about $3.00 when making it at home. A buck or two is not huge, but it does add up over the course of a year.

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Never Run Out

This may not be a huge deal most of the time, but if you are having a party you do not want to run out of supplies. As long as you have enough syrup around you never have to worry about running out of soda. It is also pretty quick to make so if you have a house full of kids screaming for more, you can quickly give them what they need. This is also nice for cocktail parties because you can make a variety of adult spritzers for your guests.

On this same note, you can make only what you need. Flat soda is something that is just pretty gross and flat soda is inevitable if you leave cans open or have two-liter bottles for more than a few days. You can make it fresh by the glass to ensure optimum freshness.

Ingredient Control

What is nice about making your own soda is that you can control what goes into it. For example, there is no Aspartame or high fructose corn syrup and a lot of people are avoiding these ingredients now. You can add syrup to taste, control the carbonation level or skip the syrup altogether and just make a seltzer water with a bit of 100 percent fruit juice. So, you can make healthy alternatives to your favorite carbonated drinks and you will know exactly what you put into them so you can accurately count the calories and nutrients.

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You have probably heard that plastic bottles pretty much just sit in landfills for hundreds of years. This is true because they are incredibly difficult to break down and not all types of plastic are recyclable. When you make your own soda at home, you will be reusing the bottles as you finish them.

In addition to reusing the bottles, the gas canister that is needed to create the carbonation is also reusable. These are turned in and then they are refilled. This is a pretty neat concept that will help to reduce additional waste.

Then, since you are making soda at home you will be driving to the store less for soda, and therefore, saving on gas.

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