Get Creative This Grandparent’s Day with DIY Gifts Made with Love

Grandparent’s Day may just be another holiday created by the card and candy companies, but grandparents deserve a day of recognition, too. The role of the grandparent has changed over the years.  Grandparents have become increasingly involved in the day-to-day activities of their grandchildren; participating in car pools, driving grandchildren to after-school sports, contributing to school holiday parties and providing care for their grandchildren while the parents are working or traveling.

Of course, many grandparents still work, too. They carry on lives that are a far-cry from the common idea that grandparents are elderly, Bingo playing members of the family. With all the work and care that grandparents provide within the extended family network, it makes sense to take time to appreciate them on Grandparents’ Day this Sunday, September 9.

If you and your children are crafty, here are some last minute DIY gift ideas that you and your children can make to show Grandma and Grandpa how appreciated and loved they are.

Handprint Aprons for grandparents day

This is a great idea for Grandma or Grandpa! Does Grandma like to garden? Does Grandpa like to fish and prepare his own freshly caught fish dinner? An inexpensive store-bought apron, acrylic paint, embellishments of your choice and tiny, willing hands make a darling last minute Grandparents’ Day gift.

cool idea for grandparent's day

What is a better gift than an original, one-of-a-kind family tree created with your children’s fingerprints. Is your family large? Include nieces and nephews,too.  All you need is a  large canvas, the ability to draw a bare tree and some paint to add fingerprint leaves. A fine point black pen can be used to add all of your families names and birth dates on the leaves, if you desire. A fun and creative way to spend the afternoon with family creating an original work of art for Grandma and Grandpa.

cute idea for grandparent's day gift

This Modge Podge craft may take a little more than an afternoon, but if  have a little extra time this will be a gift treasured and loved for a lifetime. You will need a plastic pot (this one was painted black), black and white pictures of the grandchildren, Modge Podge to attach the picture and  ribbon to add as accents and even out the lines since the photos may not always be even. You will also need acrylic Modge Podge spray, generously coating the finished pot (before attaching the ribbons) to keep the project as waterproof as possible. Add a houseplant, faux flowers or fill it with packages of fall bulbs for Grandma and Grandpa to plant around the house. A darling gift that says ,”I Love You!”

How do you plan to celebrate Grandparents’ Day?

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  1. Ella Bryant says:

    This is a great article!! Gosh, I wish i’d been more creative for my mom from my 3yr old son! This is so much more personal.