Desirable Honeymoon Locations for Newlyweds

I am not going to tiptoe around it or sugar coat reality, planning a wedding is a hellish nightmare. When the engagement ring slips over your finger any excitement about a picture-perfect wedding usually dissolves when the wedding plannning begins. Your honeymoon is about more than celebrating your new life together. It is about recovery. Here are ten exquisite honeymoon destinations that provide relaxtion, adventure and romance.

Tortilis Camp, Kenya
Tortilis Camp, Kenya getaways

Photo of the Private House deck, courtesy of Tortilis

What better way to recover from months of wedding planning than sipping champagne on the deck of your own private house on the Tortilis Camp property with gorgeous views of Mt. Kilimanjaro in the distance. Um, nothing! Don’t forget to plan a little adventure, too. The Tortilis Camp offers world-famous safari tours.

Provence, France
Provence, France get aways

Lavender and Sunflower fields of Provence. Photo Courtesy of John Miller.

When considering a honeymoon in France many people immediately assume Paris is the way to go. However, consider an inland honeymoon to the south of France, specifically the region of Provence. Provence is a tapestry of medieval beauty among  fields of sunflowers and lavender.  Wine lovers will be treated to exceptional regional wines cultivated from the grapes found in the endless vineyards that create a beautiful landscape.

Santorini Island, Greece
Santorini Island, Greece getaways

Photo courtesy of Travel Guide Greece.

While you may be beginning your future as a newly married couple, exploring the rich history of the Greek Isles is as romantic as you can get on a honeymoon. Crystal blue waters, amazing food and a welcoming atmosphere will beckon you to leave your honeymoon suite at least once in a while.

The Alps, Switzerland
The Alps, Switzerland trips

Photo courtesy of Weddings and Flowers

While some couples prefer a tropical honeymoon, snow bunnies may prefer a Swiss honeymoon where they can ski picturesque slopes during the day and warm fires for nighttime snuggling. St. Moritz, Switzerland, pictures above, is famous for its honeymoon ski resorts.

Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey vacations

A stunning honeymoon destination

Why be like everyone else? Take a chance and spread your traveling wings. A trip to Istanbul, Turkey is an exotic way to spend time together as newlyweds. Rich in history and luxury, Istanbul will not disappoint.

Thailand trips

Photo Courtesy of The New Indian Bride

Who says luxury honeymoons are only for the wealthy? Thailand is an affordable honeymoon destination for the average newlywed couple. You may not be able to land digs quite as luxurious as the one pictures above, but clean properties with Western amenities can be found at reasonable prices. Don’t forget to indulge in the local cuisine and, just maybe, catch an elephant ride or two.

These six honeymoon destinations are incredible, but are you a couple who prefers to keep in simple and stay stateside? No fear. Our Top 10 list of desirable honeymoon locales continues with four spectacular locations in the United States. Read here for our final four desirable honeymoon locations.


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