How the Skinny Girls Stay Skinny

Do you ever wonder how that ever-skinny girl stays thin? ( I’m not referring to those who can eat whatever they want and never gain a pound…  The ladies I’m talking about have to work hard to keep a rocking body.)  Here’s a few tips that will get you closer to being that girl.

Keeping your skinny figure

Eat healthy snacks

Leave a bowl of fruit on your counter for easy access.  Plan to eat fruit, vegetables, or nuts for your snacks throughout the week.    Buy nuts in handy snack packs or in bulk and divvy out into individual bags.   Get a variety of items that you like–don’t just buy apples!  Grab a nectarine and an orange while you’re at it.  If you are just eating out of boredom, buy some gum and chew that instead of resorting to eating.

Don’t buy junk food

If you don’t have junk food around the house, you won’t eat it!  Throw out the foods that you shouldn’t be eating.  Buy dark chocolate!  Eat a piece of fruit for dessert.  If you are craving junk food, make some vegetables or eat a nut mix that you like.  Find fruits and vegetables that work for you and eat those.  Experiment with new ways of cooking produce and make a mental note of the preparations you enjoy most.

Don’t treat yourself with junk food

The American culture is to treat yourself with some sort of food trophy when you’ve finished a great accomplishment, a job promotion, or gotten dismissed from jury duty.  If you want to be skinny, stop treating yourself with food.  Eating an large ice cream sundae after a job promotion isn’t going to make you feel special—it will make you feel FAT!  Instead, do something special for yourself like getting a manicure or pedicure, scheduling a spa day, or get a new piece of clothing or jewelry.  Congratulating yourself without food will make you feel even more beautiful!

Drink water

Drinking more water instead of sugary drinks can help you cut down on calories as well as leaving you hydrated.  Water is an important part of your diet. With an array of drink choices, remember that water is always an excellent choice with ZERO calories.  If you get tired of still water, buy some sparkling water and serve with lemon or lime juice.  Sometimes we eat when we are just thirsty.  Drink a whole glass of water in the morning before you eat anything, throughout the day, and before dinner.  Keep a glass of water or a water bottle with you at work if possible.

Eat less

Split meals with a friend or significant other at restaurants, especially those known for large portions.  If you have not option for splitting a meal, enter the dining establishment with the understanding that you will be taking some food home for lunch.  Don’t gorge yourself until you can’t even move. (The only exception might be Thanksgiving…)   It’s ok to order something that isn’t a salad, but order a side of vegetables and don’t eat your heart out.

With a  culture surrounding you that says that overeating is ok, being thin takes discipline.  Keep a mental note of these practices, and it will help you meet your weight goals.  Make changes slowly and your body will be rewarded.

About Kathryn Deschenes

That’s me. I live for food. Food represents tradition, memories, convenience, advancement, entertainment, and much more. That’s why I love it! I’m an enthusiast of edible items (within reason) who occasionally binges on baked goods, takes an extra helping at dinner, loves to travel, and enjoys a glass of thick red wine. Writing is my other passion. I hold a bachelor’s degree in food science, and am currently working on my master’s in the same field. I’m excited to bring you the latest about trending foods, recipes, diets, and other edible subjects.