Perfecting Your Eyebrows: What You Need to Know

shaping eyebrowsYour eyebrows are important assets that you should always be taking advantage of. However, to fully get the benefits you need to know how to make your brows look flawless. The good news is that it only takes a little maintenance to keep perfect brows once you have them in the exact shape and style that you want them.

Basic Eyebrow Shaping

If you want the eyebrows of a Hollywood celebrity then you need to know the shaping points. You want your brows to be thickest at the area at the bridge of your nose. You arch should pretty much be midline. From the arch to just past the corner of your outer eye, your brow should be a bit thinner.

Thicker Brows

Super thin brows are no longer in so you want to go a bit thicker. If your brows are naturally sparse, or are sparse from years of overplucking, there are things you can do to fill them in. Taupe colors will work for almost all skin tones and eyebrow colors. You want to apply a pencil, powder or gel and then blend this in well using a brow brush.

Toss the Stencils

You need to take advantage of your unique bone structure. Stencils will turn your brows into something that does not fit your face. You natural brow shape is there and you just need to follow your brow line. You also want to not over pluck your brows. Simply clean up the stray hairs and you will be good to go.

Matching Brows and Hair

Dyeing your hair is easy, but the brows are a little harder. However, you want matching brows and hair or else it can look off. For example, if you have black brows and dye your hair a strawberry blonde, the contrast will be incredibly noticeable. So, after dyeing your hair head to the salon and have a stylist dye your brows to match your hair.

Tweezing 101

You will likely need to pull at least a few stray lashes to keep everything neat. You want a tweezer that has a slanted, pointed tip. This allows you to pluck at an angle so that you can see what you are doing and get those stubborn hairs that are short, but need to be pulled. Be sure to use a full-length mirror too as a small, magnified mirror will not let you see the full picture which could result in plucking way too much.

Go to a Pro First

While most women can easily maintain their eyebrows at home, you may want to get your first shaping done by a professional. They can help you follow your natural brow line and do the initial tweezing to ensure that you do not over-tweeze. After you have your brows done, you will want to look at your brows once a week and clean up new growth. If you ever feel uncomfortable doing this yourself, then just talk to your stylist about when to come in for a follow-up appointment.