Trending Houseplants to Bring the Outdoors In

trending house plantsIf you are wanting to bring the outdoors into your home the easiest way is to grab a few houseplants and place them throughout your home. Houseplants are not only aesthetically appealing, but they can have both mental and physical health benefits too. People with houseplants often breathe easier and feel happier overall. The key is to pick the right plants and some happen to be trending right now for a variety of reasons.

Pines and Figs

Yes, you can have these right in your home. Obviously, the pine will not get to 20 feet tall like the one in your front yard. The Norfolk Island pine and fiddle leaf fig are among the most popular right now. These are not tiny, but they can be placed on tables, counter tops and other elevated surfaces. They make a great addition to a desk, especially if you spend a lot of time at your desk getting things done. They tend to be a very lush green color and will work well in any type of pot. You only need some plain dirt to cover the plant and water when necessary. This makes these plants incredibly easy to care for, so if you are busy, you will still be able to keep your plant alive. Adding some seashells or colorful stones are a great way to add a bit more panache to your new houseplant.

Colorful Flowers

There are some flowers that you really cannot go wrong with. These include orchids, peace lilies, amaryllis and hibiscus. These flower well and come in just about every color you could imagine. They do require a bit more care than the pines and figs, but the extra love is completely worth it. Of these four flowers, the orchid is the most delicate, but the serenity this flower brings to a home cannot be matched. You can choose to get one of each of these and place them throughout your home. These will supply rich pops of color throughout your home. Choosing a colorful vase will just add to this.


Cacti are hardy and require very little care. There are so many great choices that range in color, such as Christmas cactus, sundew, cobra lily, Venus flytrap and butterwort. These are all very cool and with a bit of water can live for a very long time. If you have an issue with flies or fruit flies in the kitchen, then a Venus flytrap could be a neat plant that pulls double duty in improving how you feel in your home and taking care of pests at the same time. Cacti, as you surely know, can be a bit prickly so it is important to keep these away from children and pets. You will want to put them up higher will pets and kids do not go, or in rooms where they do not go. If someone were to attempt to eat cacti, it would surely need a visit to the emergency room or emergency vet.