You Know Your House is Dirty When . . .

10 Signs You Know It’s Time to Clean Your House

House clean upWhen fall approaches the crisp weather and bright sunny days beckon you to abandon the indoors to play in the sunshine. Taking advantage of the beautiful weather makes sense because winter’s bone-chilling temperatures are not that far away forcing us to become winter hermits. But when we abandon our homes for outside adventures, we typically abandon our housekeeping duties as well.

We are going to play a little game today. This game is called You Know Your House is Dirty When. Come on! Do not deny that you have never let life get so crazy that your home hasn’t turned into a disaster that needs immediate attention. It happens to all of us. Honestly, I should be cleaning right now. Instead, I am going to procrastinate and play this little game. Here we go! Have you noticed any of these top 10 indicators that you need to clean your house?

1. You know your house is dirty when . . . You turn off your ceiling fan and discover a four-inch layer of dust on the blades.

2. You know your house is dirty when . . . The walls are beginning to form a formidable dust bunny army.

3. You know your house is dirty when . . . You have to run the vacuum in the same room 3 times and empty the canister just as many times before your carpet begins to resemble something decent.

4. You know your house is dirty when . . . You discover your kitchen tile is not actually a dingy shade of gray, but really a sparkling white. Who knew?

5. You know your house is dirty when . . . Your dog refuses to eat off the floor.

6. You know your house is dirty when . . . Your neighbor actually accepts your apology for a dirty house. They aren’t even going to pretend to not notice and play nice. They deserve that apology.

7. You know your house is dirty when . . . You have more fruit flies than fruit.

8. You know your house is dirty when . . . your shower becomes a receptacle for used razors, tiny soap remnants and empty shampoo bottles from months ago.

9.You know your house is dirty when . . . Your kitchen counter is not longer visible beneath week old school papers, last week’s dishes and other unexplainable items that no longer resemble products known to man.

10. You know your house is dirty when . . . Your teenager begins to suggest a family cleaning night.

Have you been so busy that you have neglected your home? How do you know when it is time for major cleaning attack?


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