Why I Always Fall In Love with Fall. . .

Whenever I am looking for a gentle nudge or inspiration for a topic to write about, I know that I can always count on Mama Kat to come to the rescue with some great ideas. This week she prompted me to describe 10 things I love about fall. Just 10? Really? Okay, I will do my best to narrow it down.

1. Fall Color

Let’s start with obvious. Who doesn’t feel the romance in the air when the leaves begin to turn into vibrant oranges and reds?

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2. Halloween

After Christmas, Halloween in my favorite holiday. I love decorating, hosting Halloween parties and trick or treating.

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3. Hot Chocolate

Trick or treating just isn’t the same without hot chocolate. Oh, and in my family, trick or treating isn’t complete if we don’t have pizza delivered, too.

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4. Sweaters

The first time I wrap up in a cozy warm sweater, I know that fall has officially started. Check out this picture I found on Pinterest. Candles wrapped in sweater material. I wonder if you could make a koozie like that, too?

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5. Hayrides

While I could do without those random pieces of straw pecking away at my ankles, I do love how relaxing a hayride can be.

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6. Pumpkin Patch

Where is a better place to have a hay ride than on the way to the pumpkin patch. Those perfectly symmetrical pumpkins at the grocery store may be tempting, but I prefer my pumpkins in a more natural setting.

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7. Bonfire

After the hayride and pumpkin patch excursion, it is time to get the party started. I love the smell, the warmth and the ambiance of bonfires. What about you?

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8. Chili

Don’t forget to warm your stomach, too. This is the best time of year to experiment with lots of different chili recipes. Ultimately, I prefer mine sweet, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try something  a little spicier.

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9. Fall Decorating

I cannot get enough of fall decorating. As of this writing, I have yet to adorn my house with pumpkins, leaves, candy corn and scarecrows.  My husband thinks he has been spared this year. Soon he will find out how wrong he is!

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10. Thanksgiving

Lastly, Thanksgiving is my favorite part about fall. Two years ago we traveled to NYC for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. We indulged in a New York thanksgiving that ended at an Irish Pub. It just wasn’t the same. I need my turkey, my green bean casserole and my apple pie. Yum!

Source: google.com via General Gazette on Pinterest

What are your fall traditions?

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  1. I loved how you did this post with pictures! The sweater on the candles is a neat idea but it makes me wonder if it would lead to writing about a different prompt: fire ;)