7 Outrageously Inappropriate Pumpkin Carvings

Come on. . . You know you want to look!

Halloween means pumpkin carving time. Trunk or treat, trick or treat or outrageous, over-the-top Halloween parties constantly challenge my husband to come up with unique, intricate pumpkin designs. Which is why, against my better judgement, I decided to Google pumpkin images last night. Holy hell! What I found made me blush, cover my eyes and wish I hadn’t been Googling while eating.

None of these pumpkins are going to make it to the final rounds in our household, but I had to take a moment to share them with you. Who knows? Maybe you are a little more adventurous or, let’s face it, just a little off your rocker to be completely on board with these ideas.

1. It’s a Full Pumpkin Moon!
dirty ideas for pumpkin carvings

Photo courtesy of http://socsecnews.blogspot.com

2. This Drunk Pumpkin Can’t Hold His Liquor
clever pumpkin carving ideas

Photo Courtesy of community.charter.com

3.  Why Does Halloween Bring Out the Rage?

artsy pumpkin designs

 4. Slow Night in Labor and Delivery

pumpkin carving ideas

 5. Brains Anyone?
cook pumpkin design ideas

Photo Courtesy of blue-kitchen.com

6.  This Makes You Rethink Pumpkin Pie.

crude pumpkin carvings

7. Stay Classy

sexy pumpkin carving designs


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  1. So many good ones to choose from! But I’d say #1 is my favorite.

  2. Heather Zeh says:

    Love the scarecrow mooning!

  3. Christine Halverson says:

    My use for a pumpkin is to get the pumpkin seeds to eat= )

  4. I vote for #8 – too funny!

  5. I like #8. This Makes You Rethink Pumpkin Pie.

  6. sarah buki says:

    i love these ideas… i love roasting the seeds too!

  7. susan quackenbush says:

    making pie.

  8. My use for a pumpkin is to get the pumpkin seeds to roast them to eat

  9. #6 and # 8 are my favourites – hilarious! I love pumpkin pie :)

  10. Mary Somerville says:

    I like the hanging tree!

  11. I like number four, because it reminds me of something Calvin would do.

  12. Cheryl Reinhardt says:

    I would go with # 8

  13. Full pumpkin moon. I like roasted pumpkin seeds with garlic salt