Cat Calling – Intrusive or Flattering?

Let’s talk about cat calling. Almost every woman on this planet knows exactly what this is, but in case you are living under a rock and have been shielded from this Neanderthal inspired behavior, let me explain. According to Urban Dictionary cat calling is,

When a guy gives the wert whirl whistle or yells at a babydoll for the purpose of getting attention and in hopes of a future hookup. This is usually done out of the window of a car.

Or as you are walking down the street to an appointment  Maybe while you are waiting in line at the ATM or any other situation where you are suddenly caught off guard by some guy’s random, sexually charged praise about the way your ass looks or what he thinks you should plan to do with/to him.

Recently, a friend of mine posted on Facebook this eye-opening, funny video by Totally Biased w/Kamau Bell entitled Totally Biased: NYC Women Talk Cat Calling. Kamau interviews NYC women about the out-of-control cat calling and their reactions to this, dare we say, epidemic. To present both sides of the argument, Kamau also addressed the dudes known to offer their fair share of boisterous compliments.

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