Quick Fixes for Your Boring Bedroom

quick fixes for boring bedroom decoratingYou want your bedroom to be as comfortable as possible. One of the biggest components in being comfortable is ensuring that you absolutely love the design and decorating scheme. For example, you could have the most comfortable bed in bedroom history, but if you hate the style of your room you will never be fully comfortable in there.

Create Some Art

Art is something that only you have to enjoy for it to be good. So, put your creative juices to the test in creating things to make your bedroom more comfortable for you. Perhaps you like collages, or quilts or just funky paintings. These are all things that most people can pull off. Another benefit to DIY decorating is that it saves you a ton of cash.

Don’t Fear Patterns

Most people stick with a single pattern or only solid shades. Tons of patterns look really great together. You simply have to experiment to see which patterns you love and how they work together. Big, bold patterns can be saved for smaller items like pillows if you are timid and then use the smaller, less bold patterns for things like curtains, upholstery and bed linens. As long as you love it, it is not wrong.

Bright Colors

Many people have a very plain bedroom because they never really decorated it. Since few people see this room it is often pushed aside as you decorate the common areas. Well, a few bright colors can wake up your room in minutes. For example, a turquoise lamp, a bright red alarm clock or a bright green vase can bring some life into your room. You do not want to go overly bright because this is the room that you need for relaxation and sleeping, but a few bright accents are going to be a great thing when you wake up in the morning, especially on those cloudy, lifeless days.

Pillows, Pillows, Pillows

You can really never have too many pillows. Fluffy pillows not only give off the illusion of comfort, but they are really comfortable. Who does not want to lie back on a sea of feathers and cotton? These also give you a good excuse to play with patterns and bright colors because you can sneak some funky pillows in among your more conservative ones to wake things up a bit.

Mix and Match Your Furniture

There is no rule that says that all of your furniture must match. Now, if you are using wood furniture, you want the same color, but the styles can differ. With painted pieces, you can choose different colors to really do a funky design. For example, you may have a white dresser, light teal end tables and a sitting chair with red checkered fabric. These actually work very well together and give your room a very whimsical feel.

White Paint

If you are incorporating a variety of different colors and patterns, then a white wall is what you want. This will ensure that the room does not look too busy with all of the different elements you are bringing in with the furniture and accent pieces. An off white or a pastel color can also work if stark white is simply outside of your comfort zone.