Dating Mistakes that Single Women Make

common dating mistakesIf you are single you likely go out on the occasional date, but nothing ever comes of it. There are a variety of reasons why those guys never call you after a date. There are some things that single women do that seem perfectly harmless, but they can negatively impact your dating life without you even really realizing it.

You Feel Entitled

Well, a lot of women do. It is common for women to think that they are the best thing since sliced bread – and you probably are – but guys are not too fond of this sentiment. You are a great catch, but when you head out on your date, you need to keep an equal playing field. You need to overlook those tiny quirks in him because they really do not impact you. You also need to consider that your own quirks may not be as cute as you think they are. The key is compromise and opening yourself up to just having a good time.

You Think there are More Fish in the Sea

To be frank, guys just want a woman that they love and that treats them well. Women tend to have lists of dozens of things that they think they need, so they keep going on to the next guy without even really considering the last one. Just like men, your main goals should be to find a guy that treats you well and that you can love. This may sound oversimplified, but it really is this easy. Look at the big picture and realize that the sea is not unlimited.

You are Judgmental

This is a woman thing. Just look at how women scrutinize other women. Well, they go twice as hard when it comes to men. This is where you need to broaden your horizons. Do not think of stereotypes when you hit the dating scene so that you can see the man for who he is and not what he does for a living, what he drives, etc. In fact, don’t even ask about his job before asking more important questions that allow you to get to know who he is, his values and what he wants out of life. Things like his job, car, income and other superficial things will not matter much in the long-term because all of this can change at the drop of a hat.

You Choose the Alpha Males

Look, a hot guy that can pick you up, swing you around and protect you is incredibly attractive. And, many alpha males are great guys, but this is not the only type of guy on the planet. A shy guy may not have the smoothest pickup lines, for example, but he could have a huge heart and treat you like a queen. The geeky guy is sure to keep you laughing so that you always have something to smile about. When you are out in the dating world, think about the kind of guy you would be happy with for the next 20 years and not just next Saturday night.