Safe Travel Tips for Women Traveling Solo

safety tips for women travellingTraveling is exciting, but going alone also brings with it some dangers. Women traveling alone need to be aware of several things so that they can stay safe and enjoy where they are. Keep travel fun and exciting by keeping these tips in mind as you go about your journey.

Hotel Safety

When you travel, you will likely stay at a hotel. Stick with hotels that allow you to keep your keys with you so that they are not just hanging up where someone could grab them. You may also want a room near the elevator so that you can easily and quickly get to your room. You should also bring a rubber door stop with you. This can be placed after you shut and lock your door so that no one can push it open.

Arrive During the Day

This helps to reduce some dangers and make the city appear less threatening. If you need to take a cab to your hotel, you will feel better hailing one and driving in one during the day. You will also be able to get to know your surroundings before it gets dark.

Dress Appropriately

If you are dressed in expensive clothing you are a target for robbery. On the other hand, if you are dressed scantily, you are putting yourself at risk for unwanted attention. A T-shirt and shorts or pants is pretty much a safe bet. You also want to be cautious of wearing cultural clothing in a different country because this can also bring unwanted attention. For example, if you are heading to India, just wear your Western clothes and do not try to blend in by wearing their clothing as this could backfire.

Buddy Up

Not all areas of the world are safe for women traveling alone. If you meet some people at your hotel, ask them to tag along if you plan on hitting the town at night. Groups are far less likely to be bothered. You may also spot families and stick close to them. These families can be locals, but since you are close to a larger group, your risk of being bothered is lower.

Play Dumb

If you are being harassed just play dumb. Act like you do not understand what they are saying even if you do. Most people will stop bothering you if you do not react or respond. Looking busy is also helpful, so carry a book or something to write with. This is especially good if you are alone on a train.

Be Confident and Use Common Sense

If you look like you know the area and where you are going, people are less likely to bother you. If you look confused or lost, you make yourself vulnerable. So, plan what you are doing before you even leave your hotel room. Walk with your head held high and with good posture.

In terms of common sense, just use it. Things like walking alone at night, having drinks with complete strangers and isolating yourself are quick ways to invite danger so simply do not do them.