Foolproof Paint Picks for Your Home Makeover

popular ideas for paint colors for your homeOne of the easiest, and least expensive, ways to makeover your home is to head to the hardware store and get some paint. You can learn to paint within minutes and changing your wall color will transform your entire room. You can add a completely new personality and feel to your home by simply changing the paint colors. The key is to choose the right colors for what you are trying to convey.

Go for Color

Whites and neutrals have their place, but color will always give your room a more homey feel. As humans, we see multiple colors at a time, so why use just one on your walls. A good way to use two colors is to create an accent wall. This wall will have a different paint color than the other three. This is the wall that you want people to focus on when they walk into the room, so using the wall with a picture window or fireplace is a good option because there is already a built-in focal point there. Just be sure that the colors you choose work well together. A sage green and a wine red actually work very well and will mix well with many different furniture color options.

Go Cool

Dark gray, light gray and pale blue offer a soothing feeling when they are used for wall colors. When you choose one of these colors, it is best to keep your trim white and go for either wood floors or a neutral carpet to maintain the natural, cool feel. You can use either light or dark furniture with these colors, but keeping that cool feel is the best option with the light blue. With the grays, you can even go with bright accessories and still make it work well.

Keep it Classic

Butter, cream and gold are elegant, traditional and classic paint colors. If you like a French country or more sophisticated style then these will always work. They can also be mixed and blended together in a room to maintain a warm feel. These are also brighter, so they exude happiness and help to make your room feel larger. With these colors, white furniture works very well, but you can go with neutrals as well and get a really good look. If you go with white furniture, choose patterned or colored pillows in this color scheme.

Pink and Green

Who does not love to mix pinks and greens? This does not mean those neon colors from the 1980s, but moss greens, olive greens and soft pinks. These blend flawlessly and can create a very romantic feel. It is best to use the greens to paint the walls and trim and then incorporate the soft pink into furniture and accessories. Keep the rest of the furniture and accessories light too, such as whites and other neutrals. You also want plenty of fresh flowers. The stems and leaves are already green, so go with flowers in varying shades of pink. A wood floor with a green rug can complete the look.