Daily Habits that are Getting You Sick

home sicknessYou go about your days and then you wake up one morning just not feeling well. This is a common scenario for many women and they often cannot pinpoint what made them sick. Well, some daily things that you do could be the cause. Things like vacuuming and washing the dishes could lead to getting sick or increasing your allergy symptoms. Yes, you can use this as an excuse the next time you are too tired to clean up after dinner.

You Use a Sponge

The kitchen is the dirtiest room in the home regardless of how much you clean. You are bringing in different viruses and bacteria just by unpacking the groceries. So, you have your trusty sponge that you grab to wipe things down in an attempt to prevent illness, but you still get sick. It is time to ditch the sponge because sponges harbor bacteria and other nasty things. Then, you grab it, touch your face and this is where illness starts. You can bleach or boil your sponge to help ward off the nasty stuff, but it is best to just ditch it completely.


While vacuuming is meant to clean up dirt and dust, the tiny dust particles that cause illness just slip right through and go right back into the air. This can cause allergies or even something like a cold. If you want to get the most out of your vacuuming, then choose a vacuum with a HEPA filter and this will eliminate the most dust and allergens so that you can breathe in cleaner air. If your allergies are getting really bad, or if you get frequent colds, you may consider ditching the carpeting completely. Wood floors are a lot easier to keep free of dust and allergens so that you can spend fewer days sneezing and battling colds.

You Use a Mattress and Pillows

Well, not just you, but pretty much every American sleeps on these every single night. Now, mattresses and pillows are havens for dust mites because you shed dead skin cells as you sleep and this is what they feed off of. This probably has you pretty grossed out. This can double your allergies. To help with this, get a cover for your box spring, mattress and pillows. These can be removed and shaken off, and keep dust mites and dead skin cells from accumulating.

You Open Your Windows

The fresh air is a wonderful thing, especially after a long, cold window. However, once you open that window you invite in things like pollen and pollution. This can lead to allergies, the common cold and other more minor illnesses. Running your air conditioner can actually help to cleanse the air and keep your home comfortable at the same time. If you have seasonal allergies that really bug you, an air purification system is your best bet. You still want to limit opening the windows, but this type of system can help to remove pollen, dust, mold spores and other airborne irritants.