Top 8 Foods to Not Buy Organic

choosing organic foodsOrganic food is the way to go these days, but there are some foods that you do not need to buy organic. Knowing what these are will help to save you money and will help you in choosing the healthiest option. Not all organic foods are better than their non-organic counterparts.


This fruit provides a big punch of nutrition, but getting them organic just does not make sense. Since the outer peel is so thick, any chemicals used in the growth process are not absorbed anyway. So, wash it well before cutting and you will be good to go. Your wallet will be happier too.


There are no current organic standards for seafood so there is no guarantee that an organic one will be any safer than a non-organic one. You just want to buy seafood that was obtained through sustainable practices and is low in mercury.


Almost all onions are free of pesticides whether they are organic or not, so there is no need to spend extra bucks on the organic label. Their flavor is too strong for most pests and they grow underground so there really is no need to spray them because pests will not bother with them anyway.


This is a really great, rice-like food that is packed with protein. It has become really popular recently because a lot more Americans are paying closer attention to their health. The thing is, the non-organic versions are very low in pesticides and many have none because growing this food just does not require it. Pests do not like the taste so they leave it alone, making it entirely possible to grow it pesticide-free. So, buy non-organic, give it a rinse before cooking and enjoy the savings.


You know that it is a pain to peel a pineapple. Well, be thankful for that hard, prickly shell because this means that agricultural chemicals are not absorbed either. Because of this, even if pineapples are sprayed with pesticides, they are not going to penetrate into the actual fruit. So, stick with non-organic.

Sweet Corn

This is a very low pesticide food and many tests have proven that corn pretty much always has no detectable chemicals. This goes for both frozen and fresh. Since corn can be a tad pricey, especially during the height of barbeque season, there is no need to spend even more by getting the organic version. Since you clean it anyway, the non-organic version is just as healthy.


This is another food that resists pests naturally so there are not many chemicals on it because it does not need them. Just peel off the out leaves, give it a rinse and enjoy. Most people discard the outer leaves anyway.


This refreshing summer fruit has a thick peel, so pesticides really cannot penetrate into the fruit. So, if you test the peel you will surely find a high dose of pesticides, but if you test the inner fruit, you will find little to none. So, when you buy this fruit, go non-organic and just peel before eating.