Rejection and Dating: Overcoming and Avoiding It

handling rejections when datingIf you are out in the dating world then rejection is going to happen. There is not a single woman on earth with a 100 percent dating success rate. There are ways to deal with rejection that can help you to fair better in future relationships.

Don’t Take it Personally

This can be extremely difficult to do, but it is important. When we have no idea why rejection occurred, it can send the mind into a tailspin. It is important to simply move on to the next person. Think about it. You have one date and it went nowhere. This is just a few hours of your life that you will not get back. You did not spend months or years with the person or really invest anything into them. In a way you can be happy that you learned right away that it was going nowhere so that you have this much more time to find someone that could be your forever someone.

Get Back on the Horse

You do not want to dwell on a rejection because this is not going to get you anywhere. It is really easy to feel bad or run away from other dates, but this will just keep you single. Finding a good partner takes time and this is a good thing because all good things are worth waiting for. You want to take the rejection, put it behind you and get back out there. There are so many people who will think you are awesome – and you are – so do not get caught up in one person not seeing how wonderful you are.

The Wrong People

If you are getting a series of rejections it could be because you are simply targeting the type of person that just does not mesh well with you. This happens and not everyone does well with all different types of people. Look at what you have listed on your dating profile about the type of person you are looking for. You also want to analyze the people you are attracted to in the real world. Are these types of people like you in terms of values, personality type and other important traits? If there is a huge gap, then this could be the problem.

Be Honest

If you are going the online dating route then you need to be fully honest about yourself. Put up a few recent photos so that those communicating with you know exactly what you look like. You want at least one to be a full body shot so that they can see exactly what you look like. Be honest about your values and other important things. Rejection is inevitable if you put out misleading information.

When it comes to dating in person, be very honest during that first date. You do not want to make it seem like you are someone you are not because even if rejection does not occur, the relationship will not work out in the future anyway once the truth comes out.